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Makes a very sturdy bench when all inserts are applied. Like the extra space on the end to store all the litter box supplies. Litter box (bought separate) fits perfectly in it. Very easy to clean. The only drawback is I believe the lid causes odor to accumulate. I am trying different litter and adding Arm and Hammer. Kitty had no problems using this litter box. Very easy to clean litter box and keep bench clean. Really like the hiding of the litter box.
Michael Nichols
We live upstairs and our dog started having trouble with the steps. She has significant bridging in her lower back, and her back legs are starting to go. We got this for our patio to take the stress off her from going up and down the steps so often. This has been so great for her. We swap the pee pads out from under the grass every 3/4 days and clean the actual grass pad weekly to help with the smell and this routine works. It comes with 2 grass pads so while we’re cleaning one we can assemble it back together with the spare one and then after cleaning that one lay it over the balcony to dry.
Sherry Smith
Great for initial potty training of new pup (esp if you are in a 3 story home and need quick access to your 2nd floor patio!). Need to clean it at least once a week (esp if you live in warmer/humid climate). Awesome that they give you two grasses so when one is being cleaned you have another one ready. Unsure about long-term use, but if you are willing to continuously keep it clean it is very convenient!
Melinda Thompson
I love this litter box splash guard, and will probably get a few more. Before buying, I taped plastic around my litter boxes because my cats are so messy kicking litter everywhere and with the boys peeing outside the box.
Veronica Martinez

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