Grass Potty Pad For Large Dog
Grass Potty Pad For Large Dog
Grass Potty Pad For Large Dog
Grass Potty Pad For Large Dog
Grass Potty Pad For Large Dog
Grass Potty Pad For Large Dog

Artificial Grass Potty Pad For Large Dog 34x23 Inch Four Layers Potty Training Pad With Tray

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✔️4 LAYER SYSTEM : 1. Top -- Artificial grass; 2. Middle –Grid keeps the grass elevated & clean from the pee pads; 3. Middle -- pee pads; 4. Bottom -- Tray
✔️Easy to Clean - you just need to rinse with water
✔️Promotes Healthy Bathroom Habits - Don't let potty training become a health concern for your furry friend.
✔️ Weatherproof and Versatile - Your dog can comfortably relieve themselves indoors, whether scoring heat, pouring rain, or freezing snow.
✔️ Perfect for Apartment Living - Provide your furry friend with a convenient and accessible bathroom area, ens using their comfort and your peace of mind.
✔️ Keeps Paws Dry and Comfortable - The high-quality grass surface of our MEEXPAWS Grass Potty keeps your dog's paws dry and provides a natural feel under their feet.

Large Size

Ideal for dogs 6-70 lbs,  like Collie, Beagle, French Bulldog
Grass: 34×23 inches.
Training pads dimensions: 35.4×23.6 inches.


a) Artificial grass: 2 pcs;
b) Grid: 1 pcs;
c) Disposable training pad: 2 pcs;
d) Plastic tray: 1 pcs.

- Perfect for High-rise/Apartment Dwelling Dogs: MEEXPAWS Grass Toilet provides a convenient indoor potty area for dogs living in high-rise buildings or apartments without immediate outdoor access.

- Safe for Vaccination Period: MEEXPAWS Grass Toilet offers a safe and clean potty area for puppies during the crucial vaccination period, minimizing the risk of exposure to contaminated outdoor areas.

- Support for Arthritic or Incontinent Dogs: MEEXPAWS Grass Toilet provides a comfortable surface for dogs with arthritis or incontinence, offering support while effectively managing accidents.

- Convenience for Busy Owners and Those with Mobility Constraints: MEEXPAWS Grass Toilet offers a hassle-free solution for dog owners with busy schedules or mobility constraints, providing a convenient indoor bathroom option.

- Travel-Friendly Design: MEEXPAWS Grass Toilet is portable and travel-friendly, making it ideal for dogs on the go during boat trips, RV travels, airplane rides, or hotel stays.


This guide walks you through the steps to clean the grass surface and plastic tray, keeping your dog's grass toilet in top condition.

Step 1: Clean the Grass Surface

To clean the grass surface, follow these steps:

1. Fill a watering can or use a hose with a gentle spray attachment.
2. Thoroughly water the grass for approximately one minute, ensuring the water reaches and soaks the entire surface.
3. This gentle watering process will effectively clean every blade of grass, removing any residue or odor.
4. Repeat this process every few days to maintain a clean, fresh dog grass toilet.

Step 3: Clean the Plastic Tray

To clean the plastic tray, choose one of the following methods:

1. Wipe Down: Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the plastic tray, removing dirt or debris. For stubborn stains, mild soap or pet-friendly cleaners can be used. Rinse thoroughly and ensure the tray is completely dry before placing it back in the dog grass toilet.
2. Soak in Water, Vinegar, and Bleach Solution: For a deeper clean, create a solution using water, vinegar, and bleach. Mix equal water and vinegar, then add a small amount of bleach. Submerge the plastic tray in this solution for a few minutes, allowing the mixture to penetrate and disinfect. Rinse the tray thoroughly with clean water and ensure it is completely dry before reassembling.

Our Dog Grass Toilet includes two artificial grass pads. While one pad is being washed, the other is readily available for immediate use.

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