Yes! Your pet products will come with step-by-step instructions - you can also view our assembly video at

No! All the hardware and tools you’ll need are included in your products.

No. High-quality artificial grass made for your pet is resistant to staining and can be easily cleaned with water and a mild pet-safe detergent.

Remove the plastic base at least once daily and discard solid waste in the garbage. Fill the toilet with pee and flush it. When empty, use mild dish soap and warm water to clean the plastic base and imitation grass, then let it dry overnight. Please carefully wash your hands after handling.

Some cats do, while others may not. It's important to ensure your cat is comfortable using a covered litter box before investing in furniture. Scoop the box daily to prevent odor buildup.

No, cats have sensitive noses and can usually find the litter box easily. Some cats may need time to adjust to using a covered area.

Choose a quiet, private location where your cat can use the litter box without interruptions. Many people prefer to place it in the bathroom or a family room.

Yes, but it's still important to regularly clean and maintain the litter box to prevent unpleasant smells.