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Dog grass pee pads with tray



Cat washroom bench



Stainless steel litter box


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I LOVE THIS!! I’ve had so many people come over and not see a litter box and wonder where the heck I store it… little do they know it’s right in my walkway! It hides smell well and looks so good! Also is very sturdy! A couple of my friends have been so shocked they bought one as well. Definitely recommend!
Pamela Duncan
I love this box! It hides the litter box really well. It keeps the dust down and the smell. The cat likes it too. She used the box with no issues. I did put a motion sensor light inside the box. The litter box room looks great now! So clean. I would definitely buy it again!!
Merrianne M Sotnick
My dog got used to go potty on the balcony so I wanted to come up with something so she wouldn’t pee all over it and make a mess. This dog potty was the best opinion I found. She’s loving it! Its super soft and keeps the odor and urine underneath on the pads!
Abdul Khan
We recently had our garden landscaped and wanted to make sure the dogs used a certain part for toileting. We brought the Dog Litter Tray to see if it would work and it does, our dogs love it and use it all the time. It is so easy to clean as well. I would recommend it.
Jessica Presutto
I was looking for a solution to prevent litter mess and give my cat some privacy, and this product does the trick. It's lightweight, which makes it easier to move around, but it hasn't caused any issues so far. My cat continues to use the litter box without any problems.
Emily Johnson
I can't express how much I love this box! It has made my life so much easier. The litter box is hidden, and there's no more dust or smell.
Michael Thompson

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