Once upon a time, in a team filled with creativity and a deep love for pets, the MEEXPAWS brand came to life. We are a group of individuals passionate about providing the most comfortable, stylish, and practical products for pets because we understand that pets are not just animals; they are cherished members of our families.

The founders of MEEXPAWS are pet enthusiasts, and we comprehend the needs of our furry friends and what we can do to ensure their happiness and well-being. Thus, we gathered a team of creative and passionate designers, engineers, and pet industry professionals to embark on the journey of creating the MEEXPAWS brand.

Our primary mission was to craft a space where pets could feel safe and joyful, while also allowing pet owners to relish the beautiful moments spent with their companions. We poured our hearts and expertise into developing a range of products, including our pride and joy – artificial grass for dogs, dog litter box potty, cat litter box furniture, litter box enclosure, stainless steel litter box, dog crate topper, and various accessories.

MEEXPAWS' artificial grass provides a comfortable, safe, and non-toxic outdoor space for dogs to run and play freely within the confines of their homes. Our cat litter box furniture and enclosures offer cats a private space for their needs while adding a touch of chic decor to households.

The durability and easy cleaning of our stainless steel litter box make it an ideal choice for pet owners, ensuring a long-lasting and hygienic solution. The dog crate topper provides a secure and shaded resting space for dogs, making them feel right at home.

At MEEXPAWS, we have always held onto our love for pets and a stringent commitment to quality. Our products not only meet the needs of pets but also seamlessly integrate into the lifestyles of pet owners, creating a comfortable and stylish environment for both. We firmly believe that true success lies in the happiness and satisfaction of both pets and their owners.

MEEXPAWS is not just a brand; it's a promise of happiness for pets and a pursuit of excellence and innovation.

To make MEEXPAWS quality accessible to more homes, we offer free shipping within the United States. This is our small gesture to show appreciation to our customers and to ensure that more pets and their owners can experience the joy that MEEXPAWS brings.

MEEXPAWS is not just a brand; it's a promise of happiness for pets and a pursuit of excellence and innovation. Let's join hands in building a warm, stylish, and love-filled pet family together!


Discreet and Sturdy

Looks nice and discreet in my living room. My cats often sit on it and look out the window, and it’s even sturdy enough for me to sit on it too. It’s big enough inside to have room for a large hooded litter box, with room to spare. It’s been 4 months and haven’t had any issues. ----- Sarah

Cat Litter Box

Great way to hide the litter box!!

We love this thing!! It looks great and my cat had no issue transitioning to using his litter box inside of it. I love that there is extra space and use it for storing extra cat litter, potty pads and the litter scooper. ----- BrittG

Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cats


We were struggling to keep litter contained, our kitten is a little mess maker! This is perfect! Also love that the stainless steel helps keep bacteria at bay. This was the best deal includes stainless steel box, dividers, litter containment rug & stainless steel scooper! No more plastic! Our kitten loved it immediately! I think I was the most excited about it though LOL! I couldn’t recommend enough! ----- Family Account

Hidden potty pan.....

Great product, I have a large stainless steel potty pan inside, works perfectly. Moved into a smaller apartment so needed to come up with an alternative to a visible pan....works perfectly, no smell, easy to clean....highly recommend. ----- keywestlvr

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